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6. Wagner (Without The Words): Siegfried Idyll

drinking Singha malt liquor from Thailand
and listening to Wagner 
I can’t believe that he is not in the other room 
or around the corner
or alive
someplace tonight.
and he is of course 
as I am taken by the sound of him

he’s here


Excerpt from  My German Buddy by Charles Bukowski

Wagner composed the Siegfried Idyll as a birthday present for his wife Cosima, after she had given birth to their son Siegfried in 1869. Jew bashing Macho Man Richard Wagner was the undisputed alpha male of the old composers. His son Siegfried was as gay as a tapdancing hyena. Oh irony.

At age 45 the Wagner family convinced Siegfried to marry a 17-year old British girl named Winifred, so he could produce some antisemitic offspring. Siegfried safeguarded the legacy of his dead father while Winifred became really close friends with Hitler, whom she called “Wolfie.” Apparently in the land of the queer, the man with only a left nut is king.

When Wolfie was arrested after the failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Winifred visited him in jail where he asked her for paper, lots of paper. When they released him 18 months later, he published Mein Kampf.

Siegried died in 1930, having outlived his mother by only four months. Winifred and Hitler continued Richard Wagner’s musical legacy through the annual Bayreuth Festival, where — to this very day — performances of his opera’s are presented to those who are willing to wait four years for a ticket and those who know how to bribe the right fucking people.

Recommended recording:
Hans Knappertsbusch & Munich Philharmonic Orchestra



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