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7. Bach: Brandenburger Concerto №6

[…] the voice tells me that Bach will be next:
“Brandenburg Concerto”
so I go into the kitchen for a new can of beer. 
may this night never see morning 
as finally one night will not
and I walk out 
knowing the way 
cold beer can in hand
as Bach begins 
and this good night 
is still everywhere.

Excerpt from Some Notes On Bach And Haydn by Charles Bukowski

Beethoven died completely deaf whereas Bach died completely blind. Contrary to Beethoven, nobody noticed Bach while he was alive. Bach mostly played organ before men of God, betting a life in poverty against eternal days of wine and roses. His spare time was used for composing and fathering 20 children with 2 wives. […] That Bach, he was a motherfucker, what? (Reach For The Sun) 

It wasn’t until almost a century after his death, that he was recognised as a musical genius who brought baroque music to its pinnacle. These Brandenburger Concertos had a lot to do with that. A modern concerto is basically a bare-knuckle fight between a soloist and a thinned-out symphony orchestra. Bach however is so old, he had an autographed Bible. In his days there were no concert halls or symphony orchestras.

Instead of inventing them, Bach composed his Brandenburger Concertos for a chamber orchestra of 17 musicians, and the world would almost have been deprived of them. In WW II a librarian was ordered to safeguard the original score by transporting it to Prussia. When his train was bombarded, he fled into the woods with the manuscript under his overcoat.

Recommended recording:
Rinaldo Alessandrini & Concerto Italiano

In 2005 conductor Rinaldo Alessandrini recorded a version in which the Godawful harpsichord was placed way in the back of the studio, thus making it my favourite recording by far.



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