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8. Beethoven: 5th Symphony

[…] I heard it first while screwing a blonde 
who had the biggest box in 
The 5th will kill you 
in the grass or at the track,
if the 5th don’t kill you, 
the tenth will,
said the Caliente hooker.
but I am tired of the 5th 
I told this to a woman in Ohio once, 
I had just packed coal up 3 flights of stairs
I was drunk and dizzy, and she said:
“how can you say you don’t care
for something greater than you’ll
ever be?”
and I said:
“that’s easy.”
and she sat in a green chair and 
I sat in a red chair
and after that
we never made love

Excerpt from Bee’s 5th by Charles Bukowski

The famous first movement is probably the wildest on the list. The fierce BA-BA-BA-BAM! represents fate knocking on your door to mess up the works. Beethoven was slowly turning deaf when he started writing it in 1804. The mighty 5th gives us an insight view how a professional rageaholic deals with minor hindrances like that.

Bee's 5th is perhaps the classical equivalent of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Bukowski may very well have grown tired of it, but it still is a must-have for every self-respecting classical music aficionado.

Recommended recording:
Erich Kleiber & Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra

People will tell you to pick Carlos Kleiber’s recording with the Vienna Philharmonic. It proves that opinions are like arseholes, with the exception that few people feel the need to publicly share their arsehole. Thank Christ for that by the way. On-topic: I prefer his father Erich.

Kleiber Sr. truly knew how to bring the nasty. He is one of the legendary conductors of the 20th century, known for his penetrating powerful performances and for being an artistic vagabond in downtown Berlin. 

You haven’t heard Beethoven’s 5th until you've heard old man Kleiber. It is the tightest, most savage recording of Beethoven’s masterpiece I know.



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