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2. Bruckner: 9th Symphony

[…] I am still listening to Bruckner 9th. Do you think I am cultured, little girl? I like this stuff. If I weren’t so poor I’d make a beautiful snob.

Excerpt from:  Screams From The Balcony by Charles Bukowski

Anton Bruckner was a god-fearing man who dedicated his Ninth to the big man in the sky. Who was so pleased with the whole thing that he summoned Anton to his Kingdom before he was able to finish it. So we ended up with 3 movements instead of 4. It’s the Curse Of The Ninth in full effect, but Sweet Judas Priest what a hell of a way to go.

Mahler called Bruckner his forerunner, asserting that his own creations followed the trail blazed by his senior master. We can all learn from Bruckner’s infamous 2nd movement, in which he lays down a freakish wall of sound that destroys everything in it’s path. If this doesn’t effect you, you might as well quit everything. So put your entire street on notice that you’re not to be fucked with, and crank this vile beast into the deepest red.

Recommended recording:
Carlo Maria Giulini & Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductors like Wand, Jochum, Furtwängler, Klemperer and even Karajan are all skilled Bruckner-specialists. But if every single note on the sheet needs to be demolished, I call an Italian who would have been shot in the face in 1943 if Mussolini had his way.

Conductor Carlo Maria Giulini refused to serve in his army and hid in a tunnel for 9 months. All that time there were posters around Rome with his face and name, with clear instructions to shoot him on sight. Forty years after he crawled out, he made the Vienna outlaws play like soldiers on leave. Bukowski, Bruckner and the Gods can be pleased.



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