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48. Bruckner: 6th Symphony

Genius Unfettered is a poem in which Bukowski mocks the modern composer of contemporary music John Cage (“Mr. Colskey.”). Cage’s best-known work is his composition 4’33, which consists of four minutes thirty-three seconds of total silence.

Mr. Colskey is now appearing on stage
carrying his baton
to the applause of the audience
here in Sibling Hall.
now he is facing forward,
and he has taken out his penis
and is urinating!
the audience is silent and frankly stunned!
he finishes, zips up,
then walks off stage.
we are afraid
Mr. Colskey has dealt his career
a final, fateful blow
as the orchestra now strikes up
and begins to play
Anton Bruckner’s
Symphony #6
in A Major.
without Mr. Colskey.

Excerpt from Genius Unfettered by Charles Bukowski 

This poem is Bukowski’s way of stating that timeless tradition (Bruckner) will always prevail over modern phoniness. The ever so modest and friendly Bruckner stated the Sixth is his most brutal symphony. In a dynamic yet subtle way, Bruckner tells his critics and bullies (I mean you Brahms!) to leave him the fuck alone.

Bruckner remained neutral during the previously mentioned War Of The Romantics, while people like Brahms kept blaming him for sucking up to Wagner. The latter was so fed up with it, he publicly stated he wanted to kick Brahms’ arse in a bare knuckle fight. You and me motherfucker! Mano a mano! Bring it on!

Lots of people looked forward to the Rumble in the Bavarian Jungle, but the fight was called off when Wagner died. Fair enough.

Recommended recording:
Otto Klemperer & New Philharmonia Orchestra

When the going gets tough, it’s alway nice to have Otto Klemperer and his Philharmonia Royal Marines on your side. Brahms wouldn’t have stood a chance…


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